Ranya Ayman Lotfy

Ranya Ayman Lotfy, an architect and urban designer, was a teaching assistant in GUC (2019-2022). Her research interest and work experience involve the art of visualization and illustration along with spatial and cultural studies. She is currently working as an Architect in Zuhair Fayez Partnership—a leading architectural, engineering, project management, construction management, and engineering information system consultancy firm in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Her design work involves concept and schematic design, allowing her to work on a variety of projects in terms of complexity and scale. The Master’s research is about the re-designing of streets in New Cairo, focusing on informal mobile coffee-shops as generators of new expressions of the public spaces in relation to mobilities. Ranya fondly recalls her first bike ride on her 10th birthday in her hometown where she used to cycle around, run errands, and explore the whole neighborhood. Over the years riding a bike became rare, especially after moving to a new neighborhood with wider streets and longer distances. She wishes an urban future with cycling despite today’s challenges.