Cycling Cities

Cycling Cities traces cycling experience and policy over hundred years

Cycling Cities: The Global Experience is a research and publication project. It covers 100 years of cycling policy and practice around the world in 50 cities in 25 countries–and growingCycling Cities is an invaluable resource for the growing global community of policymakers, community groups, students, and teachers. We are pleased to announce the Cycling Cities: The African Experience project to be released May 2025!

Why have some capitals and business centers become true cycling cities and others not? Cycling Cities traces how policymakers, engineers, cyclists, or community groups have made a difference since the early twentieth century. All publications are richly illustrated with photos, tables, graphs, maps, and infographics.

Cycling Cities has gained traction in the news, including The Guardian. Reviews have appeared in Dutch, English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese among others. The city of Tehran has translated the book into Farsi.

Check out Your-City-Next series with Arnhem-Nijmegen, Munich, The HagueJohannesburg, and Rotterdam–and forthcoming Africa, Cork, Lisbon, Tehran….

Cycling Cities: Copenhagen