TU Eindhoven (TIS) & Tongji University, Urban Planning, Shanghai China, 2015-present

TU Eindhoven (TIS) and Foundation for the History of Technology & Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS), History Institute, 2015-2019

Eindhoven Team
Ruth OldenzielGijs Mom (liason); Mila DavidsHans Jeekel; Pieter van Wesemael; Sukanya Khrisnamurthy; George Liu; Matthew Bruno; Frank Schipper; Qi Sun, and Sue-Yen Tjong Tin Tai

TU Eindhoven, History Division TIS & LMU Rachel Carson Center (RCC); Deutsches Museum Museum

  • Workshop CPSUM Munich, Germany, February 2016
  • Cycling Cities: the European Experience Co-publication (published April 2016)
  • Cycling Cities: The Munich Experience (2018) in conjunction with Deutsches Museum Exhibit Balance Acts and RCC EcoPolis (July 2017 in English and German)

Eindhoven Team
History Division Ruth Oldenziel; Adri de la Bruhèze; Gijs Mom; Frank Schipper; Frank Veraart; Patrick Bek, Henk-Jan Dekker, and Sue-Yen Tjong Tin Tai

International Network
Eindhoven collaborates with European, American, and Chinese scholars in the humanities and social sciences on sustainable urban mobility through the Cultural Politics of Sustainable Urban Mobility, 1890-present.

Dutch Network
Eindhoven participated in the national research platform the Dutch Cycling Academy.