Book Review. “Unique, well-researched and fascinating”

Richard Peace of A to B: The Alternative Transport Magazine reviews Cycling Cities as a “wonderful resource for flicking through”.

In the history of European cycling, it is not countries that do cycling better than others, but cities. “Each city example reveals the complex story of how cycling has fared in a handful of very different locations over the last 100 years or so.” more “Book Review. “Unique, well-researched and fascinating””

Book Review. “Value for North American Planners”

A must-read for transportation planners, academics, and urbanists. Ontario Planning Journal recommends Cycling Cities: The European Experience to anyone seeking to understand the struggles of European cycling.

Reviewer George Liu, PhD candidate studying bicycle infrastructure at TU Eindhoven, sees “value in North American planners sharing their cycling knowledge as well.” more “Book Review. “Value for North American Planners””

In the News. Dutch Cycling Story (in Portugese)

“How did the Netherlands become a country of cyclists?” Brazilian digital newspaper Nexo Jornal wonders.

Today, 34% of trips up to 7.5km in the Netherlands are carried out by bicycles, compared to 4% in Brazil. But this was not always so. Nexo tells the Dutch cycling story (in Portugese) of social movements and hard political work.