Michael Keith, MSc (2023-24) in History and Philosophy of Science at Utrecht University, acts as Project Co-ordinator for Cycling Cities: The Global Experience. His current research is centred on a comparative analysis between Amsterdam and his home town of Cape Town, aiming at understanding the difference in urban mobility evolution between these two historically connected but vastly different cities. This work will then feed into the larger Cycling Cities project, as it travels outside of Europe and opens up to the great Global South.

In his role as coordinator, Michael handles much of the day-to-day tasks of bringing together the various teams it takes to build the Global Experience tools and programmes. Currently, he is focused on bringing The African Experience to life, but is also supervising teams from the Eindhoven University of Technology in expanding the capabilities of our digital research tools as well as working alongside external partners in building the capacity of the SUM programme. With a background in competitive cycling and student journalism, Michael understands the need for a strong editorial and support team and aims to fulfil this role for researchers worldwide. When he is not behind his screen(s) answering messages, he is probably behind his handlebars enjoying the luxury of the Dutch cycling network and indulging a lifelong love for cycling for as many hours as he can make an excuse for.