Hans Jeekel

Professor Hans Jeekel holds the Chair on Social Aspects of Smart Mobility at the Transition Studies Division of the Technology Innovation, Society Group at Eindhoven University of Technology within the university’s key research area Smart mobility (vehicle technology, advanced & integrated transport systems, and mobility services). He also works at the Dutch Public Works Administration (Rijkswaterstaat) as the strategist on research, knowledge, and innovation, thus bridging mobility academic research and planning practice. He has been active in the Board of the European Conference of Transport Research Institutes (ECTR), in the Executive Committee of the European Conference of the Directors of Roads (CEDR), and chaired the OECD/ITF (International Transport Forum) working on the Reliability of Surface Transport Systems. Recent publications include: The Car-Dependent Society (Ashgate 2013); “Social Exclusion, vulnerable groups and driving forces,” Journal Case Studies in Transport Policy (2014); and “Car Mobility 2014- Material for a debate on Framing Smart Mobility,” Journal of Traffic and Transportation Research (2015).  He supervises PhD projects in smart mobility and smart biking.