Issa Fofana

Issa Fofana, a teacher-researcher at the University of Social Sciences and Management of Bamako (USSGB), is affiliated with Point Sud’s program Muscler le savoir local. He holds a PhD in Geography (Urban Spaces and Societies) and a Diploma in Social Work (Social Development). Currently, he manages Point Sud’s Social Sciences and Humanities meetings—a program created under the auspices of Goethe University of Frankfurt, the German Research Foundation (DFG), and Point Sud. He has published in the field of communication, security, and mobility among which: The Role of the Cell Phone in the Functioning of the Cereal Market in Mali: The case of Bamako and the Area Polarized by the Office du Niger (2022); “The Integration of Agricultural Markets through Networking in Mali: The Case of Information and Communication Technologies” (2021); “Women, Displacement, and Insecurity in Mopti and Segou” (2021); “Daily Mobility Constraints in the Niono Circle of Mali in Times of Crisis” (2021); “Contributing to a Sustainable Peace in Sikasso: A Regional Response” (2021); “Rumor Surveillance in Support of Minimally Invasive Tissue Sampling for Diagnosing the Cause of Child Death in Low-income Countries: A Qualitative Study” (2021); “Mobile telephony and Cereal Trade in Mali: More than a Narrative of Achievement” (2020); “Urbanization and New Modes of Urban Transport in West Africa – the case of Bamako” (2020); “Spatial Dynamics to Test Mobile Telephony in Bamako” (2019). He recently published with Issa Togola research on cycling: “Négocier la circulation dans la ville: Cas des tricycles au Mali,”  Revue Recherches africaines, Numéro Spécial 32 (Octobre 2022): 27-37.