Njogu Morgan

Njogu Morgan, a postdoctoral research fellow at the South African Research Chair in Local Histories and Present Realities, University of the Witwatersrand, where he also did his PhD after receiving his undergraduate degree from Northwestern University in Chicago. He is the co-editor with Yusuf Madugu of the research-publication project Cycling Cities: The African Experience.

His research focusses on the political and social-cultural aspects of sustainability transitions from a spatio-temporal perspective. His interdisciplinary approach explores urban mobility practices in contemporary and historical transitions to analyze formation of path-dependency and the potentials for ‘path-breaking.’ Some recent publications include Cycling Cities: The Johannesburg Experience (2019), edited by Ruth Oldenziel; “Driving, Cycling and Identity in Johannesburg.” In Anxious Johannesburg: The Inner Lives of a Global South City (2020) edited by Nicky Falkof and Cobus Van Staden; “The Cultural Politics of Infrastructure: The Case of Louis Botha Avenue in Johannesburg, South Africa.” In The Politics of Cycling Infrastructure, edited by Till Koglin and Peter Cox; and “The Stickiness of Cycling: Residential Relocation and Changes in Utility Cycling in Johannesburg.” Journal of Transport Geography 85 (May 2020). Please, contact: njogu.morgan(at)wits.ac.za