Sun Qi

Sun Qi, a PhD (2016-2020),  is working on three cycling systems (bike-train-bike; E-bike; and pedelec) in a global context. She received her BA at Beijing Normal University in Urban and Regional Planning and a double Master Degree from Radboud University (NL) and Cardiff University (UK) in Planet Europe Program, and was an exchange student at Lund University in Sweden. At Eindhoven University of Technology she will also assist in developing the Eindhoven-Shanghai collaboration.

Sun Qi’s research project seeks to gain insights into Dutch e-bike system and its implications for sustainable mobility by putting it in an international context. It will first assess the implications of e-bikes on sustainability in both ecological and social terms. The research then looks into the role of three mobility systems, including bike-train-biking, e-bikes, and speed pedelecs, to address sustainability issues of long-distance travel. In the last case study, the research will zoom out to a global context by comparing and contrasting the developmental trajectories of e-bikes in the Netherlands and China.