Cycling Cities Publications

Cycling Cities: The European Experience    (May 2016)

  • marks the launch of international research program for Sustainable Urban Mobility (SUM)
  • highlights policymaking; daily cycling practices; cycle infrastructures; bicycle users; and urban planning
  • covers 14 cities, 9 countries, over 100 years:
  • includes Amsterdam, Utrecht, Enschede, Eindhoven, Southeast-Limburg (NL); Antwerp (BE); Copenhagen (DK); Hannover (D); Stockholm and Malmö (SE); Basel (CH); Manchester (UK); Budapest (HU); Lyon (FR)

Your-City-Next is our new Book Series covering cities around the world

Arnhem and Nijmegen was presented at the Velocity Conference 2017
Munich and The Hague are published (June 2018) 
Johannesburg and Rotterdam (forthcoming 2019)
Lisbon  (planned)
Birmingham (planned)
Barcelona (planned)
Turku (planned)
Rotterdam (forthcoming)





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SUM Cycling Cities Team
Editors: Ruth Oldenziel, Martin Emanuel, Adri A. Albert de la Bruhèze, Frank Veraart, and Jan Korsten (SHT) in collaboration with Eric BerkersHans Buiter, Peter Cox, Pascal Delheye, Maxime Huré, Stijn Knuts, Manuel Stoffers, and Katalin Tóth.
Publisher: Foundation for the History of Technology in collaboration with the Ludwig Maximillian Universität Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society in Munich, Germany.