Your City Next?

Cycling Cities: The Global Experience
Amsterdam, Antwerp, Arnhem-Nijmegen, Basel, Budapest, Copenhagen, Eindhoven, Enschede, Hannover, Lyon, Maastricht, Malmö, Manchester, Munich, Parkstad-Limburg, Utrecht…….

Your City Next?
A new city-by-city sister book project connected to the book Cycling Cities makes it possible to join the collaboration tracing the role of authorities, policymakers, engineers, and community groups in shaping local cycling policies and practices over the past hundred years.

Cycling Cities: The Arnhem and Nijmegen Experience
is the first book in this new series. The volume was presented at Velo-city 2017. Munich and Maastricht-Parkstad are in the pipeline.

Contact us if you want to explore the possibilities about realizing a book about your own city or urban region and about joining the Cycling Cities: The Global Experience book and web project.

Project leader professor Ruth Oldenziel: